How to Quickly and Easily Leveling Hay Day

How to Quickly and Easily Leveling Hay Day - If you know the Super Cell sure that you have in mind is the Clash of Clans, but do not think the Super Cell only have a CoC game, Super Cell also has a game that is no less exciting than the CoC, the title Hay Day, the game with a farm theme is quite exciting and many gamers play this game. How to play the game is also fairly easy anyway, you will be planting, maintaining cattle star, producing results pertaninan and more. If you remember the Harvest Moon games, you may be nostalgic for Hay Day by playing this game. If the first time you play this game, I have tips and tricks in playing this game, let's just see here.

When playing games Hay Day, you'll want to quickly improve your level of curiosity what's the next level. To level up you need a point / exp, points here can you get from harvesting, processing products, and much more. Actually to level up in the game Hay Day is quite easy, because a lot of ways to earn points / exp is. Here are my love tips and tricks on how fast leveling in the game's Hay Day, perhaps within 2 hours you can reach level 10. Come straight to the point we see the following way.

How to Quickly and Easily Leveling Hay Day

How to Quickly and Easily Leveling Hay Day

  • The first time you play the game hayday just planting wheat, wait 2 minutes, immediately harvested and immediately sell it cheap. Each of you managed to sell the crops you will earn points / exp, and if we do this repeatedly, the point / exp which will generate a lot. When you plant and wait for the harvest, do quests also contained in the Order boards near truck. So that you can sell more crops, use of all diamonds to add a slot to sell. To add a slot to sell this we need 5 diamonds per slot or invite facebook friends to play games hayday by 5 people.
  • The easiest way to get a point / exp ie facebook account to invite your friends. To make it easier you try to login to the forum Hay Day, there are many players Hay Day, and usually they will approve your friend request. The more friends you invite in the game, the greater the exp they can acquire.
  • Whenever getting drop items such as plank, nuts and items to enhance the capacity of the silo or barn, do not sell ya guys. Because the goods are very difficult to obtain. Collect the items and increase the capacity of your silo and barn. At a certain level we can ask Tom to look for items that can not be grown and can not be produced, such as shovels, saws and axes. Purchase the item from tom and resale at a high price.
  • If you get a shovel, dynamite, and TNT, do not sell all the goods. These objects will be required to mine gold, silver, platinum and diamonds. And mine could be opened after we entered level 24. From the mine you can get a lot of diamonds, this diamond has many uses such as increasing the capacity of the market, and also increase the production slot silo and barn.
  • If you've reached level 24, you can open the mine, and mine needed to open the coin 26 thousand, so before you reach level 24 coin prepare as much as possible. The easiest way is by selling certificates, drop hammers and other items. Selling these goods at high prices, do not be afraid that you can not expand the area quickly, expanding the land does not really matter anyway. Essentially looking coin and exp as much as possible.
  • That's how quick and easy if you want to leveling in the game Hay Day. Actually better when playing the game in just enjoy, do not be too quick to do the leveling because later we will lose an important moment in the game. If you want to know more tips and tricks other games just check below.

Hay Day Tips

1. Do not Let Out Seed

If you are first you are playing this game for sure you will get some seeds to plant, try to use this seed wisely. When you seed growing and ready to harvest you can sell, replant, or used for animal feed. And make sure you have a stock of seeds, because if you run out of seeds, you would be hard to buy, and how to get it just to buy them from other players, that is, if we were lucky to find seeds that we want.

2. Selling Crops with Meticulously and Right

When the seeds are you planting has been harvested and Silo is almost full, you try to sell your crop. But do not sell, try you're growing and selling plants according to the order of a few customers, or if you've reached level 7, you can sell it at Roadside Shop. Roadside Shop is the place to sell our crops. Keep the prices we offer are not too expensive, check out the price of goods will you sell, and give a little price "tilt" of the normal price, so that the goods we sell and sell quickly benefit expected. Do not sell your harvest to the visitor, because the visitors will buy your goods at very cheap prices, instead of the existing profit and loss even later. But if Silo you can no longer accommodate our crops and other crops must be harvested, may be the one you sell to visitors.

3. Planting Plants Slow harvest period in Busy Time / Evenings

In this game there are some plants that can grow in a short time and there is also growing in a very long time. If you're school before going to class or before bed, try slow maturing crops such as indigo and pumpkin. After school or waking you can harvest this crop. This trick can also you to produce goods which have a long time of manufacture.

4. Select the Order with Meticulously

If you are a beginners player to play this game, try to notice board Orders that are in your page. In the board you will receive several orders of agricultural products bro, either raw materials or finished goods. And each order has a different reward bro, and try to adjust to the situation we are today bro, if we're took a lot of gold, choosing the orders that have high gold reward. But if we want to boost the level, you can choose the order that has the reward with high Exp. If there is an order that does not match the one you want, throw it orders the bro. Later you will also get new orders.

5. Reload Game to Get New Newspaper

Try occasionally you check newspaper, there are some items that are sold another player, the goods sold were varied in case you want the items in the newspaper. If the item you are looking for is not found in the newspaper you try to exit the game and then go back, so the newspaper will provide new goods that are sold by another player.

It was her some tips and tricks Hay Day, hopefully these tips and tricks can help you in playing this game, if you want to know more about the game world you can see the other thread here.

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