Tips Tricks How to Play Hay Day Complete

Tips Tricks How to Play Hay Day Complete - Who does not know this one game. hay day is a popular game FreeCell production in android gadget as one of the most downloaded games with over 50 million downloads worldwide. This put the hay day as one of the best games on android. You can download it for free alias free on google play store.

Hayday is a game genre / theme farms and plantations like harvest moon games that have been legendary in the Playstation console. Hay day came up with a variety of innovations that are superior to all competitors in the same genre. plus this game can only be played online make buying and selling activities of livestock products can be made between fellow players hayday.

There are several animal characters in this hayday games like chickens, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, cats, horses, donkeys, rabbits and dogs. There are also a variety of production machines which can build appropriate level of each player. This online game is based on our facebook friends and games storage is done through google+.

Tips Tricks How to Play Hay Day Complete

Surely it takes management tactics and strategy good to be able to play online games like this. The main goal of this game certainly raise the level as high as possible to open up a wide range of other items that have not been opened before. now therefore in this article will discuss the full review hayday how to play the game for beginners and also tips to quickly raise the level of hay day and tricks Another must hayday you know.

1. Do not Let Out Seed

Each plant planted will produce twice as much when harvested. For example, the seed of corn were planted will produce two units in your silo. Although it will produce twice as much, do not spend all the seeds at once.

Hay Day Seed Crops

Leave always seed per plant in silos so that you do not trouble when going to make a product at a later date. If you run out then surely the only way is to buy the diamond.

When you are growing a large field, then automatically animals you have also had to be fed regularly. Therefore, you should always have a stock of wheat, corn, soybeans, and other forage in the silo at all times.

2. Planting Plants Slow at Night

Some plants only takes a few minutes alone to grow like wheat, corn, and carrots. But crops such as indigo and pumpkin usually takes hours to grow.

Therefore, the slow growth of the plant at night before bed or before work and go to school. That way, the plants will be ready when you wake up and you can directly harvest.

This trick also applies if you're making a product with the help of farm animals. Some products require a long production time so you have to start production in the evenings so that the product is ready for the next day.

3. Do not Sell Harvest to Visitor

Often there are visitors who come to your farm to buy crops and livestock products, but they are usually bargain for a low price. Do not hesitate to reject their offer because they will not get angry and will someday come back to your farm. If you want to sell, sell quite easy for manufactured goods such as chicken eggs and other.

4. Selling Crops in Roadside Stand

Hay Day Roadside Shop

Rather than sell the crop to visitors, you better sell it to a friend or follower you are playing Game Hay Day. Check the newspaper to find out what items are sold at your friend then adjust the selling price. Give a discount of around 10 percent that many who are interested in your goods.

5. Do not Hesitate To Reject Order

On the bulletin board you will see a wide variety of store orders crops, salons, schools, churches, and other places around you. They usually dare to buy at a price that is high enough. But if you do not have sufficient stock, then do not hesitate to reject it.

You do not have to worry when it rejected it because a few minutes later there will be a new order. If you can fulfill the fill. However, if your stock is still not enough, then do not hesitate to reject it back.

6. Balance the Money and Experience

When receiving an order, you will see two items at the bottom of the coin and the star. Coin indicates that money will you get to the order while the star is an experience that you will get.

Consider both the item well as playing Hay Day is not only to raise money but also to increase the level. Do not hesitate to accept orders with a bit of coin, but has a lot of experience because it will quickly raise your level.

7. Reload Game to Refresh Newspaper

As mentioned above, the newspaper featuring a variety of items offered by other players. There is a simple cheat that you can refresh the newspaper to show the new goods. How, out of the game Hay Day then force close this game. Open the game again and you will see a variety of new items offered at the newspaper.

8. Tricks to Get Diamond Guide

You can get the diamond to buy real money. But instead of buying them, there are some easy ways to get it for free.
  • Raise the level to get 1-3 free diamond.
  • Complete achievement to get 1-3 free diamond, there are a total of 93 diamonds that can be obtained.
  • Sometimes you will get a ticket to watch a game trailer or the latest Hollywood movies. By watching the trailer you will get a free diamond.
  • Consider the emergence of the great mysteries of the red box in the fields. The mystery box containing a gift, one of which is diamond. Sometimes you are required to pay for the diamond to open it, but the results are usually quite satisfactory with your costs are.
  • Note also the appearance of diamond wrapped in a bow around the house.
  • Note the purple ticket that appears near the newspaper. By clicking on the ticket, you can get a free diamond.
  • When you reach level 24, start to mine diamonds. If you are using TNT mine, then you will get a diamond in every several explosions.
  • When you reach level 27, start fishing diamond. Look for damaged ship then fix and use for fishing. You will get one if successful fishing diamond bronze, two diamond for silver fish, and three diamonds to gold fish.

9. Quick Tricks to Get Experience with

To gain experience points quickly, you have to reach level 15 in advance. After that every time you pick the apples from the trees of the field, you will get 7 experience points directly.

Those are some tips, tricks, and games cheat contained in Hay Day. Some cheat might not be valid if the game developers have done the latest updates. If you have tips and tricks, please share it with us in the comments field below.

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