RAM Manager Free - How To Easily Optimize Android RAM

RAM Manager Free - How To Easily Optimize Android RAM - We know that among you certainly including smartphone users with heavy activity. Therefore, the following tips are offered for the sake of helping anyone to further optimize the smartphone to run more smoothly than before.

In this tip, we will explain the steps in using RAM Manager Free application that is proven to optimize your android RAM only through a few easy steps. (Note: these tips require root access of android you, therefore make sure you've rooted smartphone).

After you install RAM Manager Free, run the application. If you are immediately greeted with the message that you need BusyBox, select Download. You will be redirected to the page of Google Play and the Busybox installed. Or you can download the Busybox on this page.

RAM Manager Free

After you install it, open the Busybox and click the Install button. Busybox will require a few minutes until the process is completed.


When it is done, try to go back to the application RAM Manager Free and you will be greeted by a wide choice of available modes. Unfortunately, for this free version you can only choose two modes namely Balance and Custom. But fear not, Balance mode is enough to help you automatically free up RAM on daily activities, and through custom settings you can edit any freely for more severe conditions.

How To Easily Optimize Android RAM

In addition, RAM Manager Free also has features Extra Clean Memory in part to free up your RAM manually.

RAM Manager Free - How To Easily Optimize Android RAM

For more modes, you can download the RAM Manager Pro on various android store or Google Play Store at a price of USD 1. Good luck!

Download RAM Manager Free From Google Play Store