Update New RAM Manager Pro Apk Full Version For Android

Update New RAM Manager Pro Apk Full Version For Android - RAM Manager Pro Apk is an Android application that can either Android RAM optimization and enhance the Performance of your Android. RAM Manager Pro will manage your Android memory, will make your android system performance becomes lighter and faster. Application RAM Manager Pro Apk is the best solution for those of you who have problems with Android memory.

Hello Android devices lovers, if any of you are complaining because you have android devices have limited RAM. Usually android device that has RAM under 512 MB, will often lag when multitasking or heavy open Android applications and also many. The only way to fix it is by clicking on the Android RAM Optimization us by adding certain scripts into our Android. But unfortunately not everyone understands how to insert scripts into Android, here we have a very easy way! do not need to understand programming language, enough with the conditions in the Android devices we already rooted.

Android is an OS that is now widely used in smartphones in all societies. Many of the advantages of the green robot OS this one but it certainly has some shortcomings. One is the problem of Android RAM is too small. Android RAM small size results in the performance of your android smartphone slowed even going to happen hang. To overcome this Android application developers create applications that are called RAM Manager PRO.

RAM Manager PRO is an application that is focused on optimizing the performance of RAM Android Smartphones and Android Tablets. The application helps you to relieve the crowded Android RAM performance or full so that the performance of your android more smoothly. Remember, this application does not increase the size of Android Ram, but only serves as a regulator of the use of the available RAM memory on Android phones.

RAM Manager Pro

RAM Manager Pro

By using this app Ram Manager Pro, you do not have to worry about running out of Ram android experience that symptoms like so, lagging, boot loop, silent without a response, or android smartphone even be turned off or restarts itself. And worse, there is a notification application is not responding. This obviously affects the performance of the android itself that eventually we tired to use android everyday because many of the problems that occur.

So, here I will explain about Ram Manager Pro is, in fact see the application developer phenomena complicate the use of RAM that many Android users finally released an application that is useful to increase or stabilize Ram in android by using Virtual Ram who instilled in External Memory (MMC / Micro SD Card).

Applications Ram Manager Pro is the best solution for all those who have problems with free memory, with multitasking, with slow swapping between applications or by slowing down the performance of your device. I recommend to use this application to everyone who wants to have a smartphone and Android tablet better, because the application Ram Manager Pro increases the speed of your mobile phone and other parameters that depend on RAM.

* To use the RAM Manager Pro, must be rooted.
* Keep in the swap file, HH android battery is full, so that after completion of the process of virtual ram swap file goes well

New RAM Manager Pro

How To Use RAM Manager Pro

To use the Ram Manager Pro application you simply do the following settings

Step 1
First open Ram Manager Pro application already installed.

Step 2
Then select any tool you want and then tap Yes. Tool Description:
  • Balance: This tool serves to balance the performance of android on all application tools Ram Manager Pro.
  • Hard Gaming: These tools focus your android raise performance while playing the game.
  • Hard Multitasking: This tool has a role in raising the performance of your android multitasking activities, for example; playing games and other applications open simultaneously.
Step 3
It's Done.

Increase Android RAM Capacity

If you want to increase Android RAM Capacity, please follow the instructions below.
You specify an existing swap file menu below, specify the amount of Ram who want to be added, then wait a while to wait for the manufacture of finished systems. Swap File function to create a virtual memory that is useful to increase the number of Android RAM. the large number of Android RAM would you add will reduce the amount of capacity SD card that you have, because the application RAM Android Pro utilize space on the SD Card.

Previous Version Of RAM Manager Pro

Update New RAM Manager Pro V7.0.1 Apk Full Version For Android - RAM Manager Pro V7.0.1 Apk Feature, such as : Balance, More free memory, More multitasking, Hard Gaming, Hard Multitasking, and etc.

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Update RAM Manager Pro Apk V7.1.2

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  • Changed widget background.