30 September 2014

Moon Calendar Has Been Made ​​Since 10,000 Years Ago

The archaeologists found what they expected as well as the oldest Moon Calendar weirdest ever, when working in Scotland. The discovery of the 12 holes with certain forms, patrons seemed designed to mimic the various phases of the moon. Suspected findings of age about 10,000 years.

The twelve digging holes all perfectly arranged in a row-is located in the path of the Sun turning point that marked the beginning of winter. And when the line is drawn, forming a 50-meter arc.

Moon Calendar Has Been Made ​​Since 10,000 Years Ago

Interestingly, this arc is also aligned with the position at the level where the Sun will appear to rise on the midwinter solstice, 10,000 years ago. Various kinds of hole shape: as describe the new moon, old moon, crescent moon, a large full round moon located in the middle.

Moon Calendar Has Been Made ​​Since 10,000 Years Ago

"What we see here is an important step in beginning the construction time of mankind, even in the history of time itself," said the professor of landscape archeology at Birmingham University, Vincent Gaffney.

Efforts to record the time and the season has a very significant meaning for the people of Britain the Mesolithic who live by hunting and gathering food.

Mesolithic era archaeological experts involved in the study, Simon Fitch, adding, the ability to predict astronomical events are useful for cultural reasons, for example, is used as the power increase is considered a shaman. As well as for economic reasons, which is used to catch more fish because uses Moon Calendar they know when fish to get to the river.

The series of holes was first seen in 2004 aerial photographs. But only recently, utilizing the latest generation of remote-sensing technology and the sophistication of the software developed for their position in the rising and setting sun landscape 10,000 years ago, these holes are able to be explained. We do not think that the system of moon calendar has exist since tens of thousands of years ago.