Root Cleaner v3.5.4 Apk (Clean Memory Files)

Root Cleaner v3.5.4 Apk (Clean Memory Files) - Almost every application installed on Android has a lot of cache, even make us confused to find and delete them manually. So it is easier, it is necessary to carefully seek applications and cleans every cache and other important data in all applications installed. There are many applications, such as the Clean Master, the application is quite good, quick process, but it looks a bit confusing and somewhat less practical, but it is a fairly large size applications.

You might be very upset with the performance of your android very slow. How to improve it is to cleanse your system Android devices. I suggest you use Root Cleaner v3.5.4 Apk which I discuss now.

By using Root Cleaner v3.5.4 Apk you can choose between cleaning fast and full cleaning. Root Cleaner quickly clean up your memory, cache files, etc. And you can do it without a reboot but it is also full of cleaning that requires a reboot of Android, but it would be very good for the total maintenance of your Android system. Full cleaning is also very good, in order to flash a ROM or other kennel. So that full cleaning can clear your android to prevent problems that would be problematic if you do not do it.

Root CleanerRoot Cleaner Apk

Root Cleaner v3.5.4 Apk

Root Cleaner v3.5.4 Apk Feature

Quick Cleanup
  • Restarts the UI system
  • Cleaning memory
  • Cleaning drop cache
  • Cleaning empty folders
  • Cleaning handy folder
  • Cleaning useless files
  • Cleaning remains of
Complete cleaning
  • Battery calibration
  • Wipe Dalvik cache
  • Wipe Useless scripts from init.d folder
  • Fix permissions
  • Clean Empty folders
  • Clean Handy folder
  • Clean Useless files
  • Cleaning Remnants
App Manager
  • Uninstall application
  • Cleaning app Data
  • Application freeze
  • Melt application
  • Number of memory
  • internal Storage
  • External storage
  • Cache
  • Data
  • System

Download Root Cleaner v3.5.4 Apk

Root Cleaner v3.5.4 Apk

Root Cleaner Clean FileRoot Cleaner Clean Speed Up

What's New on Root Cleaner v3.5.4 Apk

  • Minor Changes on application
Root Cleaner v3.5.4 Apk is a free Android app that can improve the performance of an Android phone with a compact application interface, simple and intuitive, so bring convenience to users Root Cleaner application.