22 September 2014

How To Easily Refill Laser Printer Toner

Here we show the sequence of steps how to easily refill printer cartridges toner. This time we use the example of Hp Laser Jet Printer type 36a, 35a, 85a, and 76 a., The four cartridge fill in repeated measures are relatively the same. And for the other printer types possible ways to refill toner is not too much different. Before the process begins, prepare equipment and materials follows:
1 Screwdriver + and -
2 Vacuum Cleaner (if any)
3 Tissue
4 Toner Powder

Based on my experience, the way the toner charging through the hole that we make, but by opening the film drum. How to open the screws that are on the left and right side, the film has a loose drum. Unplug the drum slowly (be careful, not to defect) by prying one loose cartridge side (Do it carefully, not to break).

How To Easily Refill Laser Printer Toner

1. Open the screw on the casing side, and then Open and remove the side casing.

How To Easily Refill Laser Printer Toner

2. Separate the two halves of the cartridge, which is part of the disposal and the toner reservoir.

3. Take the toner cartridge parts bin, then remove the screw that is in addition

4. Still on the toner reservoir, remove the side casing has screws removed earlier

5. Once the film is removed from the drum cartridge will be visible the magnetic roller that is black (a toner), then turn the cartridge gear (be careful not to wrong direction. Toner if any will come out of the magnet roll. If that was the case then turn the gear had to the opposite direction). Grab and lift the cartridge parts, namely magnetic roll.

6. Remove the screws that bind the docter blade. Lift and remove the spare cartridge 'docter blade'

7. Clean the toner remnants that exist in the toner reservoir using a vacuum cleaner, if there is no vacuum cleaner wipe with makeshift tools. The most important reservoirs of clean toner remnants

The parts that you need to clean it:
Clean the magnet roll
Clean the 'docter blade'

8. Switch on the cartridge disposal, then remove the opc drum with caution not to be injured.

9. Remove pcr, and then clean the residual toner on the disposal of existing reservoirs. When finished cleaning, plug it back in pcr's place.

10. Clean all the parts are separated by a tissue that has been gently and carefully

Then you have to put back the parts that had been removed.
Replace the drum opc
Replace the docter blade

11. This is a major step. Fill the toner in a shelter, keep in mind do not fill too full

12. Replace all the parts of the Cartridge Printer, the order when removing it.

NOTE: to avoid print out less than the maximum, try any spare cartridges do not hold in the middle, but holding onto the edges of the spare parts, if necessary, each holding a spare part should use a tissue., Essentially reduce direct contact between parts by hand, in order to obtain maximum results.

One again, usually in a cartridge-type opc drum 35a and the like, can only be used once, after the refill typically the result will decrease, therefore during the first refill a good idea to replace the opc drum.

The characteristics of damaged Drum:
Writing becomes a blur, can all be partially or unclear writing.
Can also generally striped striped vertically or horizontally

The characteristics of rubber blit / rubber cleaner Damage:
Print the results of a paper will appear straight horizontal stripes.
To be sure go to The drums then blit rubber touch, if that feels rough, it shall mean that the rubber blit existing injury / damage