22 September 2014

Quickly Refill Printer Toner By Cartridge Modification

Many described tricks or tutorials on how to fill toner into printer cartridge, but not many are confused or afraid of not being able to re-assemble. So sometimes still feel lazy or maybe if we are going to fill toner spill until our hands dirty, so we chose to bring into the toner charging and may have to pay USD 10 up to USD 13 in a single charge.

In fact, if we should want to fill their own would be much more efficient, try our calculations, the price of toner per kilogram is about $ 20, whereas the number can be used up to 4-6 times charging.

Hemmmm ... try to imagine ... how expensive operating costs for laser printer toner refilling.

Previously I have discussed about how to fill toner laser printer with ease. But it is a way of refilling printer toner conventionally. This time we will use the laser printer toner refilling using a modification of the drum cartridge.

Okay to the point, here let us learn to fill themselves, but with how quick and easy and does not need loading and unloading the cartridge. We will use short cuts and risk of any spilled toner have minimal, that is by punching or modify the printer cartridge.

How to Quickly Refill Printer Toner By Cartridge Modification

Tools and materials we need to prepare are:

1. Solder Tool

2. Printer Toner

Enough, that's all you need. How simple is not it? All you have to do is:

1. First replace the soldering tip with a homemade plate as shown below

2. This function is only to perforate soldering cartridge, if you still can not find the solder, use anything, the importance can be used to make a hole as shown below:

3. Do you understand? If the holes like this, you just enter the toner. This example, I use bottles of ink, my holes in the lid, let easily fill the laser printer's toner into the drum cartridge.

4. Having estimated the drum cartridge is filled with enough toner, the last step is to close the hole by using duct tape or insulation. Remember, you must not fill too full toner. Give a little space on the drum cartridge.

How easy is not it? If you want to recharge anymore, just open the duct tape directly only. It's a little trick from me about how to quickly refill printer toner by cartridge modification, hope it can be used as appropriate.