Video How to Refill HP Laserjet Printer Toner

The experience is very valuable. There who had already had experience but unfortunately not soon be divided into those that require. Since I have a printer HP Laserjet P1102, has long been looking for a tutorial how to refill the printer toner but also go see.

In previous reviews, I have given you How To Easily Refill Laser Printer Toner and Quickly Refill Printer Toner By Cartridge Modification. Maybe if you only use the tutorial image less understandable. Hopefully the video printer toner charging this way, you can more easy to understand.

Video How to Refill HP Laserjet Printer Toner

But finally there is also kind enough to divide the tutorial for this, the steps are very easy to follow. In the form of video tutorials that we can see or we download on youtube. Can you see the link at the end of this paper.

Video How to Refill HP Laserjet Printer Toner

Before I continue there are several things to consider when refilling the toner. First, prepare a tool such as a screwdriver +, vacuum cleaner (or brush), newsprint (as a base), and the toner powder.

Be careful not to take action that could damage the rubber stuck to a metal plate that is at the disposal of toner powder. I remind you this because this is one part that is very easily damaged, or torn apart. Opening and must be carefully cleaned. Do not also black powder was inhaled while cleaning. Printer toner powder particles are very fine and does not seem to dissolve in water. It is feared that stick in our lungs and is clearly dangerous in my opinion.

For additional info, for chip replacement I do not like in the tutorial video, and to this day there is no problem.

Here's a video tutorial how to refill toner into HP Laserjet Printer Cartridge :

What do you think after seeing the video how to refill a laser printer toner is this? Quite clear and easy, is not it?
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